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    Discover, summarize, translate, and interact with your documents like never before. hey|docs leverages cutting-edge AI technology to let you chat directly with your documents.

    1. Easy to ReadBeautifully Formatted AI ResponsesResponses support bullet points, headers, tables, bold text, and more.
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    Whether it's a dense legal contract, a detailed research paper, or crucial lecture notes, hey|docs makes understanding your documents effortlessly intuitive.

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    1. ContractsLegal ProfessionalsNavigate through extensive legal documents swiftly to find the precise information you need.
    2. Lecture Notes, Research PapersAcademiaTurn your lecture notes into an interactive Q&A session to better prepare for exams and papers. Digest scholarly articles and research papers without sifting through pages of data.
    3. Reports and MemosBusiness ProfessionalsQuickly extract critical points from reports and memos to make informed decisions faster. Summarize and extra key information from resumes.